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          Park Management

          We provide integrated solutions from Park construction, planning, investment management to merchants settled and the Comprehensive service of both ends of Cross-border Electronic Commerce.

          Core architecture


          Case analysis

          Hangzhou Xiaoshan cross-border e-commerce park

          • Established local products international market channels of Internet marketing services
          • Cross-border trade language services have set up the international market
          • Established the local cluster industries international logistics integration services
          • Cross-border trade e-commerce has been established integrated services of foreign trade service
            (customs clearance, commodity inspection, foreign exchange, tax rebates, terminal to financial services, etc.)
          • Established meet cross-border trade e-commerce talents support services……

          The vision we do cross-border e-commerce park

          • To overcome international marketing barriers
          • To overcome international logistics barriers
          • To overcome the customs barrier
          • To overcome the capital chain
          • To overcome…………
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