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        Hangzhou xiaoshan cross-border trade e-commerce park is the First park guided and priority supported by the government in Hangzhou. With a strategic positioning of “One Center, One Park, One Base & Multi-directional Development,Planning area of 200000 square meters, the first building 80000 square meters. In the first half of 2014, the park was awarded the "science and technology innovation park", at the same time the park was considered as a third party service providers by AliExpress. The park is located in Xiaoshan Development Zone, near the subway Line 2 and 20 minutes’ drive from the Hangzhou xiaoshan international airport, HangZhou East Railway Station, Hangzhou automobile passenger transportation center with Convenient transportation, perfect supporting.

        One Park, One Base

        With a strategic positioning of “One Center, One Park, One Base & Multi-directional Development, the park combine cross-border electricity business office industrial park and South Bridge cross-border electricity storage, give full play to regional advantages and development zone manufacturing industry base, with park management team based on many years of experience in cross-border electricity and resource, build ecological complex cross-border electricity dealer.

        One Park

        The park is cross-border trade office e-commerce industrial park is Located at No. 37, Jinyi Road in north of the city, in the xiaoshan centers in prime locations, adjacent to metro line 2, and the only one kilometer from xiaoshan district, development zone management committee. Perfect supporting park cross-border electricity industry chain, living facilities, the long-term development of the cross-border electricity for large and medium-sized businesses to provide one-stop service.

        One Base

        It is located at No. 109, Hongxing Road in the south of the bridge and mainly provides warehouse and logistics services. It’s close to airport and shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo expressway, convenient traffic developed, logistics around, has gathered along abundant cell (such as logistics, DHL, UPS, FedEx, can solve the park B2B/B2C business such as all kinds of goods distribution model.

        Five environments

        1、The policy environment
        The park set up the docking with the government's policy of service platform, to provide enterprises in the park the rent reduction, tax incentives, talent support, project application, such as services, for outstanding enterprises, can also provide preferential policy of "one project one discussion".

        2、The space environment
        Optimizing the internal decoration, landscaping, water and electricity and other infrastructure, embody people-oriented, science and technology, international space environment.

        3、Public service environment
        To provide industrial and commercial registration, policy advice, legal, accounting, auditing, assessment, patent, business management, strategic planning, design and market to provide industry background and service project investment analysis.

        4、Industrial supporting environment integrated services of foreign trade enterprises
        The park has housed cross-border trade important node of upstream and downstream industry chain service enterprise, including cross-border electricity businessman only training enterprise comprehensive service enterprises, foreign trade, supply chain service providers, such as multinational logistics enterprises, at the same time, the park is to provide the necessary storage enterprises in the park, reduce business costs.

        5、Complete set of business environment
        Provide accommodation, catering, multi-functional conference room, training center, culture, entertainment, ATM, campus shuttle bus and other supporting facilities, to support the high-end talent need to work and life.

        Six platforms

        Cross-border e-commerce service platform

        Cooperation with large international logistics services company, to provide cross-border electricity business enterprise logistics, customs clearance, commodity inspection, tax rebates, such as foreign exchange settlement of cross-border trade integrated logistics services, breakthrough the bottleneck of small and medium-sized cross-border electricity enterprises to expand overseas markets

        Human resources service platform

        The park with service outsourcing talents training center, provides software development, e-commerce enterprises in the park, logistics management, industry involves all kinds of professional personnel training services, etc.

        The network marketing service platform

        By integrating various resources, to help traditional enterprises expand marketing channels, including brand promotion, network marketing, system maintenance and other network marketing services at home and abroad, to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.

        Supply chain integration service platform

        Introduction of 4 pl enterprise, provide park and its surrounding enterprise global procurement, warehousing, distribution and after-sale services, financing, such as one-stop supply chain integration, improve the enterprise management efficiency, reduce operating costs.

        Investment and financing service platform

        The park investment management company set up investment funds, financial support for the company conforms to the park's management idea; At the same time, through the raise venture capital docking platform, collective enterprise bank credit in the park, supply chain finance, P2P loans, such as platform, provide financing services to small business in the park.

        Comprehensive business service platform

        Comprehensive service platform for enterprises in the park industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, application of project, policy advice, double soft determination, software products and trademark registration and other basic services.

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